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Student System Teams

The UTS Student Systems team is structured to:-

1. maximize the performance and availability of systems through effective system administration and management of the technical environment

2. maximize the protection of privacy and security of student data and to deliver a high level of data integrity

3. provide an effective and responsive support service to the user community

4. to collaborate with business process owners to develop system functionality/configurations to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of current business processes

In broad terms, the team comprises an ‘operational’ area and a ‘business development and analysis’ area.


The operations team is responsible for system administration and management of the technical environment. The team delivers 1st and 2nd level support to the user community and manages an operational schedule to ensure that systems are configured to meet the business processes associated with the student administration lifecycle.

The team is supported by technical staff delivering reports and data extracts to meet the management and operational needs of the University and the legislative reporting requirements to the Federal Government.

Business Development and Analysis (BDA)

The BDA team collaborates with key business process owners to develop and improve the way in which student systems support the lifecycle of student administration.  The business analysts are project based undertaking projects to support the UTS strategic objectives.

Further information, including the organization structure is available within OneStop Staff (LDAP login required)