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Student Systems Support

A dedicated support service is offered to all users of UTS student systems.  The Student Systems Helpdesk is available to provide advice and support on a range of matters, including:-

  • Advice on functionality
  • General 1st Level Support
  • Advice Regarding Access, Menus and Security Profiles

In addition, the Student Systems Team prepares documents to reside on the Service Desk – Knowledge Database  to enable the user community to access a library of resources aiding self-support.

A suite of user procedures is available on the One Stop Staff website.

Contacting the Student System Team:-

The Student System Helpdesk hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Should the Helpdesk be unattended there is a voice mail system in operation. You can also send questions via Email or the Service desk, any other information can be sent by Fax.

By far the most efficient way in which to log a request for support is via the University’s enterprise-wide support system Service Desk.  View further information on how to log a student systems support request.

Phone: 9514 7964
Fax:     9514 7811
Email:  cass.helpdesk@uts.edu.au
Log a call via Service Desk:  https://servicedesk.uts.edu.au